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Case Studies

Accompanying text for the VivaStem DVD

November 27, 2012

Name, age of patient (Dog):  Oscar, age 2.4 years.  


  Intervertebral Disk Disease at L2-L3 spinal level diagnosed on August 8, 2010
  Paralysis of hind limbs, cannot walk.

Treatment prior to Vivastem™ injection:   Bilateral Hemi-laminectomy L2-L3 on August 8, 2010.  By November 8, 2010 no response was observed and therefore the surgery had failed.  Owner wanted to euthanize Oscar.

Prognosis:  Because surgery was the only option and that had failed there was no other treatment for Oscar but euthanasia.

Date of video recording (pre- Vivastem™ injection):  November 8, 2010.

Date of Vivastem™injection:  Oscar was given three injections of Vivastem respectively on November 8, 2010 (3 cc), November 13, 2010 (5 cc) and December 3, 2011 (5 cc).

Preparation of  first Vivastem™ injection: One vial containing Canine Vivastem™ powder (400 mg protein) and sterile water respectively were removed from the original packing. Using a sterile syringe supplied water was drawn from the water vial (5 cc) and added into the Vivastem™ powder to dissolve it.  The Vivastem™ vial was gently swirled and let stand for 2-4 minutes at ambient temperature to allow the powder to dissolve completely.  While waiting for the Vivastem™ to dissolve a small injection area was prepared on the back of the dog by cleaning the area with 70% alcohol (common antiseptic).  Finally the dissolved product (5 cc) was drawn into a syringe and injected subcutaneously in the back of the dog.  .

Notes on follow-up:

  November 13, 2010 – One week after first injection – no change.
  December 3, 2010 – able to stand for a short time and able to wag tail.
  December 24, 2010 – Quite ambulatory, happy expression on face, is pain free.
  January 7, 2011 – Owner is very pleased. Oscar has shown progress. He is able to stand, walking more, owner reports dog seems to have feeling when needing to have a bowel movement, went to paper and pooped which he never did before.
  Huge change from pre- Vivastem™, no signs of pain or discomfort, does appear to feel deep pain when clamp is placed on rear toes.

Date of video recording (post- Vivastem™ injection):December 3 and 24, 2010.

The patient as of now:  Without Vivastem™ Oscar would have been euthanized.  As of October 30, 2012 Oscar continues to do well.  He is boostered with Vivastem™ every 6 months to maintain his wonderful quality of life.

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