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1. Because the price of the vaccine includes the laboratory processing cost and the Veterinarian services it will be variable depending on the location and the level of Veterinary care.  However, because the processing cost is substantially subsidized by the parent company, Vivastem Laboratories LLC, it will be remain reasonable and affordable.  Further, because it is a clinical trial and the parent, Vivastem Laboratories, is interested in documenting the results it promises to pay back the attending Veterinarian and the pet owner $100 to each at the end of the trial period (one year after the first injection) upon submission of the final report by the Veterinarian.

2. The price includes:

a. Cost of transporting the sample from the Veterinarian’s office to the Oncottack™ Processing facility.

b. Processing of the sample to produce vaccine doses.

c. Cost of delivering the prepared seven vaccine dose vials to the Veterinarian’s office.

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