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Stem Cell Fluid FAQs

  • What is the composition of the VivaStem product?
    VivaStem is a natural stem cell fluid obtained from healthy horses. The stem cell fluid is obtained from horses using a proprietary technology after inducing the natural stem cells of the animal to concentrate at a particular site in the body. Some of the natural healing factors identified in the stem cell fluid by mass spectrometry are: Immune-suppressive proteins which reduce inflammation Annexin A1 Paracrine growth factors which help in repair and regeneration of tissue vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) basic fibroblast growth factor (FGF-2) hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) Healing proteins which are known to accelerate tissue healing hemopexin fibronectin–‐short chain fibrinogen–‐alpha coronin gelsolin etc. Platelet derived growth factors which are known to be important in healing and pain reduction. Several platelet-specific proteins identified
  • What do the horses experience during the stem cell fluid collection procedure?
    During the collection procedure the donor horses are comfortable and well taken care of with ample turn-outs and socialization. We always use healthy horses to get best quality stem cell fluid. Because the procedure expands the stem cell population in the donor horses they become healthier after the collection procedure. Donor horses are owned by VivaStem and are maintained in a closed herd (no contact with outside non-donor horses). After the short collection procedure the horses spend their natural lives in pasture at the Vivastem farms. The donor horses are never re-used for collection.
  • How is the product supplied?
    VivaStem is supplied in bottles as a sterile freeze-dried powder, red to light brown in color. It is to be mixed with provided sterile water for injection. VivaStem-Equine is supplied in two vials along with two sterile water for injection vials for ease of handling. Total volume of equine dose is 10 cc. VivaStem-Large Canine (for dogs >10 Kg) is supplied in one vial along with one sterile water for injection vial. Total volume of large canine dose is 5 cc. VivaStem-Small Canine/Feline (for dogs <10 Kg and for cats) is supplied in one vial along with one sterile water for injection vial. Total volume of small canine dose is 2.5 cc.
  • What is the color of the product due to?
    The color comes from the natural colored proteins in the product. These proteins such as hemopexin are iron containing and one of the important healing proteins in the product. The color varies from lot to lot. There is no artificial coloring agent added in the product.
  • How is VivaStem administered?
    We strongly recommend that the injection be administered subcutaneously.
  • How to administer the subcutaneous injection?
    Shot is given subcutaneously (under the skin) Wash the area with iodine shampoo. Then wipe with 70 % alcohol. If wipe is clean proceed to inject. Inject subcutaneously (under the skin) in a fanning motion to distribute the fluid.
  • Is there a possibility of an allergic reaction after the injection?
    As per our experience in hundreds of horses the possibility of an allergic reaction in horses is rare. In dogs and cats there is 5-10% chance of a mild allergic reaction. We therefore recommend dogs and cats to be treated with Benadryl for 48 hours after the injection. Details of the Benadryl treatment are in the insert accompanying the product.
  • Does an allergic reaction interfere with the treatment
  • What to do after the injection?
    Patients should be restricted from rigorous work out (horses can have turn-out) for two days after injection and then they can go back to regular activity. Patients should not be given any vaccines two weeks prior to or after VivaStem injection.
  • How soon can the improvement be expected?
    Horses, dogs, cats: Improvement should be visible within the first two weeks. Peak results should be seen within 4-6 wks. If no results are seen within the first 4-6 weeks, consider giving a booster. For chronic conditions, booster injections every 3 months until complete recovery are recommended.
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