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VivaStem stem cell fluid technology harnesses the regenerating power of proteins secreted by activated stem cells, making our products completely non-cellular. The technology is the result of more than 20 years of research and development by the VivaStem Scientific team. VivaStem is as an off-the-shelf treatment which can be administered by a practicing veterinarian at an instant like a simple penicillin shot.

Why VivaStem is better
than other stem cell therapies?

VivaStem treatment is:

  Non-invasive – No surgical procedures, no pain, no anesthesia
  Convenient – Single visit to the veterinarian
  Safe –
No complications related to surgery
  Easy to administer – One simple subcutaneous injection
  Cost-effective – Costs 4-5 times less than other stem cell therapies
  Highly efficacious – More than 80% success rate
  Storage stable – Un-reconstituted VivaStem is stable for 2 years in a

cool dry place and longer if refrigerated.

Other Stem Cell Therapies

Currently available stem cell therapies depend on harvesting the patient’s own stem cells, processing them in a laboratory, and injecting small numbers of these stem cells back in the patient.

These procedures involve:

  Surgery and anesthesia – Tissue for stem cells is surgically extracted

from the body under anesthesia resulting in pain after the procedure. There is always the risk of complications from surgery.

  Wait time – The tissue after extraction is sent to either an in-house or

a remote laboratory for processing thus requiring a waiting period or a second visit to the veterinarian’s office for the injection.

  Cell vitality – Because the tissue processing is done in harsh chemical

conditions the vitality of cells is compromised. Even though your veterinarian has done a good job at extracting the right kind of tissue, the way it is processed and transported can damage the cells.

  Expensive – The costs of other stem cell treatments run into few

thousands of dollars for the pet owners.

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